Monday, 28 April 2014

So here I go....

13 months ago I decided to start a scrapbook showing my everyday life so that my grandchildren would have something to look back on. For many years I have been researching my family tree and the thing I have found most frustrating is that although I "know" certain things about people, such as when and where they were born and what they did, I have absolutely nothing that tells me what they were like as people. Why, for example, did my 4x great grandfather dislike his son-in-law so intensely that he made it a stipulation in his will that his daughter could not spend any of the money he had left her on things that benefited her husband! My own granddad died when I was 4 and although my parents always told me how close I was with him, I can't remember him at all and there is nothing to show that we were close at all. So, that is why my crafting journey began.

I started off with a Smash book and very quickly graduated to 12x12 layouts, but then I discovered tags and I fell in love.

Today, most of my crafting is on tags or on 6x6 board and I just love playing with inks and paints to create beautiful things and this blog is here to show what I have made and hopefully any progress I make over time.