Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tim Holtz Faux Tea Roses!

The CCC3 theme for this challenge is to make faux tea roses using Tim Holtz' Pinecone Die. I thought I might have to sit this one out as I didn't have the die and all the usual places where I shop for crafty things had sold out. However, I was lucky enough to find one on Ebay.

Now I had got it into my head that I wanted to alter a box. I picked up a really old, dirty second hand one for £2 last week and it has been playing on my mind. I also thought that making the flowers would be easy, but boy, was I wrong. I am not sure quite why I found making them so hard, but It took me almost 3 hours to make 7 that I was reasonably happy with. I definitely think these flowers will be something I need to carry on practicing. Mind you, when they go right they are so pretty that they are worth persevering with.

For the box, I wanted to include three things. The roses, the Botanical Tea Party paper from Graphic 45 and lots of different layers of paint so it looked as though the box was really old and tattered.

In the end I was really happy with the inside of the box. The paper and the gold leaf look lovely together. I was less happy with the outside. I think it looks a bit disjointed with the cut out images glued on. but my daughter, who I made it for, loves it and so that is all that matters

The box in its original state

The other pictures show the inside and outside of the box and close-ups of the flowers and also the gold leaf.